Birthday Parties



Q How Do I schedule a Crone’s tae Kwon Do Birthday Party?

A It’s easy. Just give us a call at 691-4116 or click at the link that says “Birthday Party” at the bottom of this page and we’ll call you.

Q What is the fee structure?

A The fee is $150 for 2 hours.

Q Is a deposit required?

A A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party. The balance is due on the day of your party.

Q How many guests may I invite?

A You may invite 10 guests. The birthday child and all adults (18 and over) play for free and are not included on the guest count. Siblings do count as guests.

Q What if I have more than 10 guests?

A Additional guests are welcome, however, there is a $10 charge for each additional guest.

Q Do I need to stay for the party?

A The party host is required to stay at the party.

Q Is each guest, including adults, required to have a signed waiver?

A For insurance purposes, all guests participating in the party must have a signed waiver.

Q Will I be wearing shoes?

A Before stepping on the martial arts training mats, all shoes must be removed.

Q What do I provide and may I bring my own decorations?

A You will be responsible for providing all food, paper products, and utensils. You are welcome to provide your own decorations and theme.

Q Do you provide party area setup and cleanup?

A Absolutely. We are happy to set up the party area for you and cleanup afterwards.

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